Ohio Contested Adoption Attorney



Is someone trying to steal your child through the courts? Were you pressured into consenting to an adoption that you really did not want to happen? The law does not call it child stealing, but if you are a contesting parent, that’s what it feels like. As a paralegal or as an attorney, I have been involved in more than a dozen contested adoptions.

In Ohio, an adoption is an order issued by a probate court that terminates a biological parent’s rights to a child and gives full parental rights to another person or persons. An adopted person (adoptee) becomes a stranger to his biological parent for all legal purposes. A person can be adopted as an adult under certain circumstances. A child can be adopted by a stepparent. The biological parent who is married to the stepparent retains parental rights and the biological parent not married to the stepparent  loses all parental rights.

If you are an unwed male whose girlfriend is pregnant, you are far more likely to prevail in a contested adoption if you act before the child is born. I have also helped biological mothers contest adoptions. Under certain circumstances, a mother can successfully contest an adoption that she previously consented to.

Because fairness in adoption is about balancing the rights of all parties, I am open to representing anyone involved in a contested adoption or even in an uncontested adoption. Thus, I have represented, and am open to representing, potential adoptive parents or mothers who wish an adoption to proceed.