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In the United States there are so many laws on the books that some say that each of us commits on the average of three felonies a day without even knowing. Of course some laws are violated accidentally, some through impulse, some because of bad thinking while on drugs and some through a neglect of your overall thought processes.   Regardless of the circumstances, If you ever find yourself charged with or under suspicion of a crime, it is important that you seek legal counsel and do not talk to the police without having your attorney present.

My duty if I am your attorney is to provide you with the best legal defense possible.  I promise to do that no matter how socially despised you are and no matter what you are charged with.  


The below videos have become somewhat classics, they are presented not as legal advice but for informational purposes only. Your ability to conduct yourself properly both verbally and physically during an encounter with the police, protects your rights, and makes it safer for you and the police officers.



A documentary regarding encounters with the police. the video quality isn't that good, but there are some good lessons to be learned