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Erik L. Smith -  Attorney at Law


University of Dayton School of Law -- University of Dayton  (J.D. 2012)

Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University Bakersfield, a master's degree in Human Factors Psychology from the University of South Dakota, and a degree in Swedish Language from the University of Uppsala (Kursverksamheten 1982.)

Mr. Smith has worked as a Swedish language translator, foreign book reporter, and as a guest researcher for the Swedish government. 

Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Smith worked as an independent paralegal and legal researcher for family law, adoption, juvenile law, appellate, and personal injury attorneys. He  has also appeared on NPR, CNN, and PBS regarding adoption law and has published several of his articles on the internet and in hard copy publications such as Ohio LawyerAir Force Law ReviewAdoption Today, and Midwifery Today.


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The Ohio Putative Father Registry–the WHAT?

I am a single man. Yet I had been in Ohio for over a year before hearing of the Ohio Putative Father Registry, and then only in a Probate Law class. The professor was covering how a child could be adopted without the birth father's consent. "ORC 3701.061: A man who has sexual intercourse with a woman is on notice that if a child is born as a result and the man is the putative father, the child may be adopted without his consent pursuant to division (B) of section 3107 of the Revised Code." That section required the man sign the Putative Father Registry within thirty days after the birth to get notice of the adoption.


Ohio Putative Father Registry: The Basics

Unwed fathers are entitled to notice of petitions to adopt their biological children. Yet many fathers lose this right by not registering timely with the Ohio putative father registry (PFR).1R.C. 3107.062. Because adoptions are probate proceedings, lawyers practicing juvenile, domestic relations, or traditional probate law may not understand how the Ohio PFR applies.  At initial consultations then, attorneys may omit counseling fathers about the registry and refer them to attorneys with more specialized experience. But the strict registration deadline, and often unknown deadline date, demand that the father register immediately. Thus the attorney should consider counseling the client about the PFR and help him register that day before referring him. This article gives the information needed to do that.

Preventing Your Infant Child From Being Adopted Without Your Consent


Consult an adoption law or family law attorney. Otherwise: An unwed father has no absolute right to veto an adoption. You must take action to preserve your rights. Whether the mother is considering adoption or not, an unwed father should, as soon as possible and preferably before the birth:

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